Is This Creepy Or Stalker like?

So last year I was like 80% sure this guy liked
me. Him and his friends would always be so close to me and staring at me. And one day when I was walking behind them they had turned a corner, so I stopped because I didn’t want to think that i was following them. Then all of a sudden they all turned and looked around the corner right at me. I got nervous so I started walking again and tried to walk ahead of them then the guy shouted girlfriend! I was so happy that day😍. But anyways he’s in my zoom class and I’m scared to talk to him because I don’t want him to think I’m a creep. He doesn’t show his face on zoom so all you see is his name. Keep in mind we don’t know each other. I know his name because I knew he played baseball so I looked in the yearbook for the baseball team pictures and found his name. Is that creepy and how do you think he would respond if I told him that and that I like him? Is it safe to make the first move?
Is This Creepy Or Stalker like?
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