Should I be scared of my next door neighbours son?

Last year i was walking home from work and i remember making eye contact with a young man in a convertible. whilst driving slowly by me he asked me how i was and insisted i come into his car.

I brushed it off the first time and i had no idea who this guy was the time. He drove up and down the road 4 times telling me to get into his car. Eventually he stopped his car and got out to get me in but i ran away from him.

I was so scared and shaken after that i never walked allowed from or to work again. I even blamed myself for along time and felt really embarrassed so didn't tell anyone for a long time because i was scared to get others involved and not being believed.

At the time of this id recently moved house and i wasn't aware of my neighbours as much. But i remember not long after moving my mum had a big fight with one of are neighbours about parking on are land. They are not very well liked in the street and are always having the police around and have cameras all around the outside of the house including one pointing right into my kitchen.

They have a son who sometimes comes home from uni and whenever he comes home the police are around even more and you can see him acting suspicious outside at 3 in morning and having men in expensive looking cars coming to talk to him outside. I also question how he manages to afford his car when he is a student with no job.

He pretty much smells of his product so it's not hard to tell what he's up too.

But he also fits the description extremely well of the man who tried to get me in his car last year but its hard to remember exactly.

Everytime i leave the house he stairs at me and the other day when my boyfriend dropped me off home he wouldn't stop eyeing up my boyfriend and watching us.
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He cleans his car outside everyday too, is that something i should be concerned about. He doesn't even go out in his car very often besides in the middle of the night
Should I be scared of my next door neighbours son?
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