Is it worth it dating a guy who is a bad communicator?

, I’ve been having conversations about this guy’s communication since April and I’m sick of guessing how he’s feeling/what he’s thinking if he’s not going to tell me.

We talked regularly over the summer and he told me that he wants to see me again, however, that was the last time I heard from him. So I moved on. Two months later, he starts talking to me again (in person b/c we’re both on campus now) and last week, he asked me out to lunch via text. I agreed, however, he hasn’t responded. I even sent 2 follow up messages, and still nothing from him. Then I saw him on campus, and he literally walked in the opposite direction when he saw me. So I texted him saying that if he’s mad at me, then he needs to tell me instead of ignoring me. He never responded to that message, but I saw him a few days later, and he came up to me and talked like nothing happened... I don’t like that. The lack of communication, the ignoring, then talking to me like nothing’s wrong?
Is it worth it dating a guy who is a bad communicator?
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