Why is the word simp a thing?

It's weird. I keep seeing the word "simp" everywhere, which in its general sense reflects a person, typically man, who does or says something nice/polite to a woman. He's even considered a simp if he's married!

This term, "simp", is primarily used by immature males who want to target other males for being simply nice to a girl. Defending a person is okay, but if it's a girl, he's automatically regarded as a simp.

This actually can promote negative behavior especially towards women. Men are literally treating women like crap because they don’t want to be called simps. They want the approval of other men so badly to the point that they'd actually treat a girl like shit to obtain it.

It makes me wonder a few things. Why do these men want the approval of other men so desperately? Like "I'll treat this girl like shit because I don’t want my friends to call me simp."

Isn't that a thing only children do?
Why is the word simp a thing?
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