What does he want from me?

there is this neighbor of mine. Who i think is in his mid 30s , has two kids and is married. I only noticed him since march when I firstly caught him deeply staring at me. Initially I though he just wanted to say hi as a neighbor. Then things got even more odd. Whenever I sit out in my backyard, he is there. One time I was working late at night on my laptop in my backyard and there he is! He stands there, looks at me with a deep stare which makes me nervous and then pretends like he is doing something else. Not only that, but everytime he takes out his trash, i can see him from my room looking in the direction and the windows of my house. Also, one time I caught him watching me inside his house while I was getting into my car and heading to work. I literally saw his face behind his window staring at me. I'm freaked out. He stares at me infront of everyone even infront of his wife. what does this guy want from me? I'm much younger than him as well. If he wasn't married I wouldn't freak out tbh and think maybe he likes me like a normal guy. But I feel this situation is different. i don't give him the satisfaction of staring back, i just glance and look away quickly. But for how long is this gonna go on? Is he ever gonna approach me?
What does he want from me?
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