How do you let a guy down?

How do I let a guy down that considers us talking without him hurting himself? : (

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So, if you remember my last question on here, you're probably wondering about the story progression here. What happened was I never asked him, and I started looking at other options. 🤷‍♀️ I found a girl that treats me so much better, and is everything that this guy isn't. I should've given you background on this dude anyways to begin with but he barely ever texts me because he's always busy or sleeping, and he never tries to progress the conversation yet he keeps telling me he doesn't want to stop talking. He always forgets what we were talking about and never takes hints. 🤦‍♀️ I'm getting tired, and annoyed of trying to build a relationship with him out of dry sand. I honestly just want to move on but I dont know how to tell him I want to move on. The last time I talked about something similar he made me feel awful about it and told me all the things he did to himself when no one was there. What if he does those things again? I just can't stop thinking about this possibility and its so confusing and frustrating especially with school going on. I can't focus and hurting him will make it worse. But I dont want to keep trying with him anymore. 💔

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How do you let a guy down?
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Thank you all who helped out. I ended up asking him how he felt about the situation and then just telling him the truth about me wanting to move on. He actually agreed that it was time to move on for the better, but we still chat every now and then. I've set boundaries and im still talking to that girl. :) everything works out! Feel free to continue to leave replies if you want. ❤
How do you let a guy down?
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