Should I be concerned?

I recently got a new job (only been there 2 weeks today) and its just me and my boss that work in the office. My boss isn't there all the time but a decent bit. He talks a lot. The first week I was there I noticed a notification from insta saying he liked my picture but then it disappeared because he unliked it. So most likely it was an accident. Then another day at work he pointed out I had some professional pictures on my Facebook. He also asked if I had ever been stalked on social media. Then he followed me on insta and Facebook and liked my pictures. Then earlier this week I texted asking a question and I got a "who is this" text I guess from his wife. He said his wife sent that based on my name in his phone which I thought was weird. Then today I got a raise. Maybe I'm overthinking it and it's just his personality?
Should I be concerned?
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