Is it my fault?

About a year ago I've met this guy (34) from work and from the beginning I find him intriguing so I wanted to get close to him.
Since I don't have a lot of dating experience, I decided to give him a more physical approach so everytime we saw each other I would either pat him in his shoulder or touch his arm to give him some comfort and reassurance that it was ok for him to talk to me.

It seem to work because I noticed that even if we wouldn't see each other every day, he was still comfortable with me and eventually would talk when we both had time and even when I stopped with the touching he would be the one to do it. It was either a hug, kisses on the cheek, touching the elbow or shoulder so with that I thought that maybe we were starting something.

Then quarentine happened and we didn't talk or saw each other for a couple of months. When I became "safe" for us to get back to work, it all seemed to change because he's not very talkative to me as he used to. Right now I feel like Im always the one to go there but he doesn't do the same to me.

With all that I decided to step back a little bit in order to not look to needy but the thing is when I ignore him he doesn't talk to me but if he passes by me, he aways touches me. I wouldn't think much if it was the same as usual but there were times when he touched my waist and that led me to feel so confused because there's to much mixed signals with him.

He doesn't seem emotionally available, he's to focused at work, barely talks or has anytime with me but with other people he can talk properly. I'm the only girl he does this even though I feel like he might also be interested in another girl but he never touched her like that, just gave her the same attention he used to give to me.

I don't know what to do because I still want to have a connection with him and I don't know if he likes me or he's just doing this because he feels like is the only way he can still "stay" with me.
Is it my fault?
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