Guys, Am I hurting him by staying "just friends"?

I met a guy on a dating app and we were hitting things off really well. He told me that I'm funny and that he likes me. After our video chat, he told me I was attractive, so okay. On my profile I include info about faith bc I want someone who shares that with me. So after talking for a bit, he found out that I'm committed to keeping sex for marriage. He shared that he doesn't think that's something that he would be able to do but that he has really enjoyed talking with me and wants to stay friends because he would miss my humor and needs to help me improve my jokes. In my head I'm like "yeah right, you're never gonna talk to me again." But no, he's been texting and calling me almost everyday. Today we hung out (at least that's what we coined it) and he picked me up. He did pay for our food but then he suggested we go ice cream like 20 minutes away, I paid for that. He asked me how I came to be attracted to black guys and a few other dating questions (he is black). But overall it was a good conversation. After he dropped me off, he texted me shortly after, "I thoroughly enjoyed myself, hope you did too." To which I responded "thank you... same here hope you enjoy spending some time with your mom." And then he was like "lol thank you. We have to do it again!"
Soo... I don't know to me this is so close to dating experiences I've had that I'm not sure. Like I don't want to give him a false sense of hope, but we did say "just friends" and he didn't make a move so maybe. Just need some advice on how to keep this platonic and not have a friendationship. Am I overthinking?

Earlier this week when it was raining he mentioned how it was perfect cuddle weather in a text and I did say "I'm not sure that's something friends do." And he was like "I wasn't saying with you but just like in general." So I'm trying to communicate that as well. I just don't want to lead on because I'm not sure how easily attraction dies out, just because we said 'friends".
Guys, Am I hurting him by staying "just friends"?
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