What am I doing wrong? I cannot find myself a boyfriend?

I cannot find a boyfriend.
so the first guy i liked was a guyfriend we used to talk for 4 years. When i told him that i like him he said that maybe i was in love with the idea of him. so i disrespected him after he ignored me (i know childish, but i learnt from it) and he left.
after 4 years i allowed myself to get close to another guy and it began with us messing in bed. I was invited in his dorm and we were suppose to watch a movie but things went wrong. I told myself its a one night stand and cut contact with him. He kept chasing. I told him that if we continue i will fall for him. he said no worries. we started seeing each other then introduced me to a girl (his friend) but soon i discovered that she was actually his sexfriend and i ended up giving him a lesson for life.
The following year i got a crush on a guy after i caught him staring at me and I started bringing cakes and gifts for him he told me that he was not interested. When i dug deeper i found that he actually invite girls and sleep with them. When i confronted him, he was upfront about it and then said that i was not his type.

Now i grew interest in a guy, i caught him checking me out and we hit it off after 1 months i asked him out and he said friendship. I told him no i want a relationship and we will be good friends along. I later found out that he actually had a bad break up. since then he ghosts me.

What am i doing wrong? I am rated 7-9 out of 10 on my looks but i cannot find myself a boyfriend.
What am I doing wrong? I cannot find myself a boyfriend?
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