Loss of appetite because of love?

Hello, soo I've been texting with that one guy for a long time and we're both really attracted to each other and it happened that last week we kissed (like a lot). He went all over me, hugging me, making out and stuff... We were also pretty drunk so i guess this is why he went a little overboard but still it was nice.
However the next day we almost didn't text, he just said that he was reeeeally drunk and laughed it out and the next day he left me on seen. Since that moment i've literally lost my appetite fully. A week ago i couldn't go a day without chocolate and now i feel like vomiting from the thought of food. I've lost 2 kilos these days and i'm feeling very sad and depressed. The reason is that i like him a lot and he also does but i don't get why he kind of ghosted me you know? There are many thoughts that crossed my mind like he may have not enjoyed the kiss (which i highly doubt because he was very straightforward and every time was leaning in to kiss me again) or he's just embarrassed, or there's another reason on a deeper level.
Please tell me what to do because i can't recognize myself and every day waking up feels shitty and depressing. I can't stand the fact that we're becoming strangers and i'm scared of texting him.
Loss of appetite because of love?
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