Why is he acting this way?

I got to know a guy through a mutual friend which I don't see often. We chatted online and decided to meet up for a drink. We started talking about our lives and well... about 3 hours later we decided that it would be better to finish this meeting/date as it was getting late.

Then, a week later he asked me out to which I agreed but then had to postpone it. He was ok with it. From that day on, we usually chat for a few hours everyday.

During our last few chats I noticed that he sometimes mentions some things I had said during our meetup which happened months ago. I mentioned how surprising it is that he still remembers and he said that if he hears something then most likely he will remember it forever.

Through our daily chats he seems like he enjoys talking with me as he initiates most conversations. He even said that it is unusual for him to open up to someone who he haven't known for so long.

A few chats later, I decided to ask him if he wants to meet up (this time I'll be the one paying as a sorry for the postponement) and he said ok for meeting but he insists to be the one who pays. A few moments later he said that was not sure on whether we should meet in the coming days or not. However by the end of the chat he was like we should decide where next time. During the next chat I didn't mention this meetup and neither did he. Why do you think is he acting this way?
Why is he acting this way?
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