What are good gift ideas for boyfriends?

I like to be really prepped for Christmas and this year i lost my job due to covid and its looking like ill be out of work for a while so im gonna have to do Christmas on the cheap this year.

Me and my boyfriend aren't the soppy kind of couple even though we love each other loads we don't do soppy gifts.

My idea this year is to do hampers for everyone so i can get lots of cheap stuff and make it look like a lot. Everyone else im spending £15 max on but my boyfriend is extra special to me so i want to get him something he'll really love. I know Christmas isn't about how much money was spent on the gift and never the thought that was put into the gift but im sticking to a budget of £30 i may go a little over.

My mum works at a large supermarket and around Christmas she gets double discount 20% so im thinking of getting him the new Marvel Avengers ps4 game as his main gift but i also want to get him lots of other bits still with in the budget of £30 to £40ish.

He's earnt a lot this year and always wants to spoil me when he gets paid so i feel like i should return the favour once and while but still gotta do it on budget.
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He loves starwars and fishing
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Just worked out how much Marvel Avengers ps4 would cost with my mums discount and its still way out of my budget if i want to get him anything else. My as well wait for his birthday to get him that one, hopefully by then it will go down in price
What are good gift ideas for boyfriends?
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