Haven’t heard from him in 3 weeks after he lied about forgetting my birthday?

I’ve been talking to a guy for 1 year and 1/2 and tbh, it’s been a toxic thing. Last yr for my bday (6 months into dating), he didn’t do a thing for me. didn't take me out , didn't get me anything & when we went out with my friends, I paid my own bday dinner (he said he didn’t want to show off by paying for me smh) Overall, no effort , no thoughtfulness and he knew just how much my birthdays meant to me. His excuse was that he didn’t have enough funds. I was hurt, he said he didn’t mean to hurt me and that me feeling resentful towards him was unhealthy for both of us , so HE ended it with me and said it’d be better to remain friends (crazy huh?) I agreed and felt like he did me a favor, bc i had it with him. He started coming back to me/tried to get things back to how they were. I’d remind him we were friends, so 4 the next few months we’d hang out as friends (we’d still kiss) and he’d write to me every few days. I distanced myself from him bc he can be insensitive/ a jerk, passive aggressive etc.
Fast foward to my bday this July. We weren’t on the best of terms the whole month. And he didn’t wish me a happy bday. I wasn’t surprised/upset bc I didn’t want to associate him with my bday anymore. We were on good terms last month (Aug) and mid Aug, he txted me &asked if my bday had just passed during the week 😲 . I thought he was joking, &told him it was in July and asked if he had really forgotten. He said, he thought it was Aug. but maybe July and wished me a happy belated bday and apologized. I couldn’t believe it, it’s impossible for him to have forgotten my bday after everything that happened last year. To add to it, his only sibling’s bday (whom he’s very close to ) is the day after mine. I replied, “It’s the day before your sister’s bday 🤔. Thank you though 🎈🎂” It’s been 3 wks since that text and I haven’t heard from him. He’s never gone this long without texting me, my question is why could that be?
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I wasn’t upset at him/still am not. All he’s ever done is disappoint me, and I’m tired of putting up with all the hurt. I just wanted 2know why he lied to me about doing so. Whenever I’d be upset / hurt, he’d write to me a week later. I guess to give me space. I told him that was never the answer but he’d continued to do so after a while. He’s never gone 3 wks w/o writing to me, 2 wks MAX
Haven’t heard from him in 3 weeks after he lied about forgetting my birthday?
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