Does this guy at work have interest in me?

I started working at a drink/dessert shop. There’s this guy that’s a year younger than me and I’m confused whether he likes me or is just befriending me. He’s known to be popular among all the female workers. here He talks to other girls that work there but I’m still unsure. First off, I made two drinks wrong and he commented those two times “it actually looks really good tho”. When I’m making orders he stares in my direction (from the corner of my eye). When I ask for help and we meet eyes he looks at me for a long time. He helped me package something when I was struggling and helped me cap a drink. He laughs when I make waffles imperfectly. He also joked and laughed, saying I was gonna get corona when I gave a drink to a customer that just coughed
He also fist bumped me while saying “easy”. He always says my name like “even chloe knows this song” or like “chloe can u make this” and told another coworker “ask chloe”. He doesn’t really mention others’ names. I just started working so it’s to fast too be thinking this but any ideas?
Does this guy at work have interest in me?
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