Why did he do this?

So he was 21 and I was 18, we met on bumble and about 2 weeks later we went on a dinner date. We saw each other for about 4 weeks before we'd had sex ( He didn't know I was a virgin until that moment). He had his own house and lived alone. It was all casual dating without labels but For the next month he introduced me to his close friends and family and parents. He would insist I spend the night and leave things at his house and wanted to meet my parents and friends. He was always the type that wouldn't text first but would respond almost immediately. I'd gotten tired of texting or making plans first so I stopped and when a week or so went by without him saying anything I got mad and called basically to ask what's up? And honestly if he lost interest in me or her just wanted to be friends. He reassured me he was still into me and was just busy with house stuff. I said ok and have him his space, a week or so later he unadded me on Snapchat and wouldn't return my calls or texts. Why did he go through all this? My friends say for sex but I don't think so bc there were small affectionate things he say and do and we didn't have sex everytime we were together. I'm bothered bc I don't understand why he'd introduce me into all parts of his life to just disappear.
Why did he do this?
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