Does my guy friend like me or sees me as just friends?

So we're both in our mid 20's and we're friends in school. We actually just recently became friends, he's been friends with my other friends for longer though.

- he sometimes acts flirty in person but then if I give a hint or say something flirty he kinda just ignores it
-we were both paired up for something during school and someone came up to us and said "you both have great chemistry, you should always work together"... but he ignored it/looked the other way. I told that person "oh, yeah haha". LATER however, he texted me that we should grab lunch
-he put his hands around me while we watched a movie for 5 minutes but then moved it back (prob uncomfortable position lol)
-when we hang out, its for anywhere from 5 to 7 hours
-he only sometimes pays for my meals, majority of the time he doesn't
-he stands close to me, will sometimes grab my arm or hand, place his hand on it, etc but thats like once during our hangout and then he doesn't do it much
-he came shopping with me even though he said he doesn't like to shop (maybe just being nice?)
-he complimented me on my socks yesterday lol (he never compliments anything by the way)
-sometimes he initiates hang outs
-he rarely initiates texts with me, but when he does he mostly replies. (yesterday I sent him an interesting tweet in text and he didn't reply tho)
Does my guy friend like me or sees me as just friends?
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