Should I respond to “lol” and if so, what should I say?

I am only social media friends with this guy. We talked a lot and I decided he was cool and we could be friends. But he texted me saying he knows my cousin and said can we hang out and that I guess she was mad at him about something. I asked how they knew each other and he said ask her. I didn’t respond for a whole day because I was at work and finally I decide to tell him that whatever was the problem between them that I was staying out of it, that I try to mind my business and I hope he understands. And he just said “lol”. I normally wouldn’t be angry about that small text message but there have been a series of men messaging me asking me to do things they want me to do such as go out with them, talk to them, and recently he asked to reconnect with my cousin through me. And each time I have been insulted in some way because I respectfully declined. So him saying that made me think he was trying to insinuate that I was a joke. My first reaction was to remind him that my response was respectful and fair or to just say “K”, but both of those responses sound too aggressive when I have no reason to be angry at him for responding in such a way. I guess I just felt a more appropriate response would be “okay i understand. No problem”. But everybody doesn’t think like me so I suppose it’s no point creating a big deal out of this. So should I even respond at all? And if so, what should I say?
Should I respond to “lol” and if so, what should I say?
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