Should I stay in contact or no?

I met this guy online, a gaming website. We talked on and off last year but I didn't pay much attention to him, then this year we started talking more often and he told me he liked me for some time, and thought I was cool to talk to. He lives in Europe and I'm in the US. I'm very chatty so when I fancy someone, I can get all up in their dms. He told me he liked that and I should never stop the spamming him with mssgs. We did a few virtual dates, played games together, talked about what should happen next and so far it's been mostly texting and I said I wanna get on the phone with you some time. He said he doesn't know what should happen, so it's like shooting in the dark? He asked me if I would still fk him if we met up but didn't do a long distance relationship and I was like yeah whatever happens happens. But now he has gone kinda cold and distant and I kinda expected it in a sense but gave it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'm too easy? I have a lot of love to give and if someone gives me a green light I don't hold back. But when he got distant I decided to instantly take a step back. I stopped texting or checking in as much as I used to, but he didn't seem to notice. So I'm left wondering if I've been played, again lmaoaooo
Should I stay in contact or no?
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