Friends with benefits and so confused?

I met Jay a year ago on a dating app. The chemistry and connection is great between us and we both agree. I Let Jay know I’m not ready for a relationship and we continued to talk. We would talk for days and then stop and he would text me “ did we break up? “ and the texting would start again. We have never gone on a real date and I was ok with that but I recently started getting some feelings for him. I don’t want to have feelings. We talk about everything but he messes with my head. He will make these random comments like when we buy a house together or we can just date each other. When I make a silly comment like aww Jay likes me he ignores it. We hung out the other night had a great conversation. He admitted he was confused about everything in his life and when I told him i am scared of what is happening between us because he could hurt me ( emotional). His come back was I won’t hurt you. You will find someone before I do. The sex was not like sex we had ever had before. It was slow and passionate. He text me the next day and then disappeared. What the heck?
Friends with benefits and so confused?
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