Why did he show up where I was?

Right so there's this guy im friends with, we are pretty close and have in the past kissed and eventually slept together (while drunk). We hang out a lot and I figured things had gone back to platonic, except for a few things that make me question this. And a weird vibe we have now where it's not quite just friends, hard to explain.

Anyway last week (on Thursday night) we were hanging out and I mentioned a place i walk after work. On Friday when I was walking there, he drove past and waved, same again on Monday. Iv walked there every evening on the way home from work for 5 weeks and have never seen him until now.

Coincidence or something else? (To clarify its not creepy at all, just curious why a guy might go out of his way to drive past at the right time of the day, if it's not just coincidence, which is likely is)
Why did he show up where I was?
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