Why would a guy deny his feelings for you but his body language speaks completely different?

he was walking behind me at work, I stopped and turned around to face him... I was unconsciously staring at his mouth as he spoke... then I looked up and our eyes met. we stared into each other eyes for a few seconds in complete silence. I couldn't handle staring into his eyes any longer and turned away. One time he offered for me to wear his jersey when I was cold. I felt he came close to asking me out one time but didn't. we have been completely awkward and nervous around each other before.

One day when he was staring into my eyes... I had to ask him if he liked me... he freaked out and said no. One night he asked me if we can talk after work. he did most of the talking... I listened. He admitted he panicked that day I asked him if he liked me. After we were done talking and about to leave we gave each other a hug and he squeezed me tight and then we started kissing. He was full of passion. It was pretty intense. He wanted to go all the way. I let him know I was into him it's just not my style. He told me he wasn't looking for anything serious and I walked away saying we can't be doing this then. He said his last girl told him she wasn't looking for anything serious and it hurt him so he let me know because he didn't want to hurt me. I took it well and just left basically... I respected his words.

He will be 21 very soon and I am 25 years old. I stopped working there recently.. his sister would belittle me at times and I know deep down his mom and sister are jealous of me.. his dad can be emotionally abusive at times. I love the light in them... but the dark started to outdo it for me. I was uncomfortable and not happy working their anymore. I respected myself enough to walk away. I miss him... My friends tell me my beauty is intimidating and men can fear rejection. I wonder if it's true. I am not conceited but I have got compliments on my looks my entire. He just confused me and I wish I had the answer. It's a long story... I know.
Why would a guy deny his feelings for you but his body language speaks completely different?
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