Should I text him?

So there was this guy I worked with and we kind of flirted a lot. We also went to the same school. He is mixed. He usually doesn’t go for my type (black). But it seemed like he liked me. He always asked me if I had a boyfriend and to give him hugs or whatever and whenever he sees me he stops his conversation and focuses on me. I never tried to get with him because he would sometime act like he didn’t like me. People at work noticed us flirting and one girl played a weird joke and told him I asked for his number (I definitely didn’t) but he immediately said no and acted like I was just not in his league. It was really weird and it seemed like to me he was ashamed or something. I just moved on and didn’t acknowledge him anymore after that. Like I didn’t ask for his number but he did entirely too much. After that he would always speak to me when I walked by or whatever and I just smiled and kept it pushing. I didn’t really see him in that light anyway. But This was all during the school year. After graduating I have started school or whatever and he inboxed me on Snapchat all out of the blue. We had fun conversation and then he says I inboxed you because I was bored. I just joked it off and left his messages unopened after that. He is weird. But now I feel like I should have texted back because I’m bored now. It was like a week ago. What do you guys think?
Should I text him?
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