I'm going crazy not knowing what this guy wants from me after 2 years?

So this is one complicated case!

Two years ago I met a pretty shy guy at work and we started talking, mainly on snapchat. Everything was going great for a couple of months until he just ghosted me. I was so confused and hurt that I just wrote to him that I liked him and wanted him to know that. He told me he only saw me as a friend, which looking back at it now I just laugh because he was totally not honest, but anyways I accepted that he friend zoned me and moved on. Just a couple of months later he started texting me again out of nowhere and then we would text and then the conversation would just die out as quickly again. This he has done a couple of times over these years, always coming back unexpectedly. But the last couple of times this has happened we've actaully ended up hanging out alone after parties or after the club. I can feel the tension between us, but I'm too afraid to do anything because of how he rejected me last time. Just a couple of weeks ago he came over after a night out and we just hung out, listened to music and then we fell asleep kinda on each other. Again, I felt like there was some tension between us but nothing happened and he didn't try anything with me in bed. He remembers small stuff about me I don't even remember telling him and has asked me a couple of times if some guys I hang out with is my boyfriend. Aaand a lot of other things that totally gives me mixed signals.

Why would he always come back to me and hang out with me like this? Is he that shy that he can't take the initiative or does he actually see me as a friend still?

So... yeah i hope it makes some sense.. I'm tired of not knowing!! But I feel like I need to know if this is worth giving another shot.
I'm going crazy not knowing what this guy wants from me after 2 years?
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