Guys, Is he into me or am I a rebound?

I went on a few dates with this guy 5 years ago. Wasn't the right timing because we were both going through things.

Cut forward to now - I heard from him randomly two weeks ago after 5 years. He is going through a divorce. But we have basically been inseparable the last two weeks. I spend days and nights at his house in a row, he takes me out, he pays for me, he even told me he told his family about me and wants to take me with him to visit his brother out of town.

I brought up my concern last week about being a rebound and he knows I like him. His response was basically that if he were to want a rebound, it wouldn't be me and that he is lonely. He did say he has enjoyed not having the pressure of having to constantly check in with a girlfriend and update on where he's at, what he's doing, when he will be home, etc.

It's confusing because he makes future plans like us going to visit his brother, says he told his family about me, his mom even said he talked about me for the past 5 years and she thinks we are a good match.

Basically all of the effort he is making and all of the future plans conflict kind of with what he said to me. He knows I want a relationship ultimately and he has been a mutual family friend for years so I doubt he would string me along.

I don't know, thoughts on what you think this all means?
Guys, Is he into me or am I a rebound?
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