Does he like me as a friend, sister, or crush?

We have been pals for years now. We do have a bond and care for one another. He has told me I know more about him than anyone because he tells me everything. No- we have never done anything sexual.

Postive signs:
-I feel him stare at me sometimes
-Few weeks ago he grabbed my arm and didn't let go until I said something to him.
-He sometimes mocking me on how I say certain words/poking fun.
-When my foot was near his chair- he grabbed it and gave a quick squeeze
-Told him I was dying my hair blonde and he said “I like blondes!”
-Told him to kiss my *** and he said “I just might do that!”
-Smiles when I enter the room.
-Told him I might move to Florida- and he said "but I am not in Florida!"
-Started watching a show together and he was SO excited and we text about it several times a week.

He is trying to date and ask my advice, tells me about girls, etc. almost each time I see him. He has never had a girlfriend. He is a virgin.

I’m confused on what is goin on in his head... HELP?
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Does he like me as a friend, sister, or crush?
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