Does my coworker like me?

He keeps glancing and locking eyes with me. He used to speak to me sometimes and now he seems shy? He is outgoing, friendly and funny with others (including our female colleagues) but he has become very quiet around me. When have small talk he stares deep into my eyes. He usually asks me about my interests and stuff. But lately he has become more serious and barely talks to me. I dont know if he's trying to be discreet. He doesn't say hi to me like he used to. But he keeps looking at me. Which it confuses me a lot. He treats me differently than the other female colleagues. I noticed he speaks to me with a different tone of voice, like softer. Also, I just feel tension, specially when were alone as well. His behavior is confunsing me.
9 d
I feel like he's avoiding me lately but still looks... Mixed signals.
Does my coworker like me?
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