Do guys mind if a girl has a little fat?

So I used to be very depressed and would binge eat everyday. Like i would literally walk to the store everyday after school, buy a bunch of crap, eat it, cry, and repeat. I gained a bunch of weight and had no self-esteem. A year later I have fully recovered mentally and I am almost back to my healthy/fit form that I had before my depression. I like my shape. However, I still have a little fat that I want to get rid of and I know it's not a huge deal but I can't help but feel very insecure. I worked so hard to get to the place that I am now but some things make me feel like it's still not enough.

I know it doesn't matter what people think, but I still wonder if it matters to guys. Like does a little fat make a girl unattractive?

Maybe it's just my image of what i want to look like and so I'm going off those standards. Like I really want to be very slim and toned like a lot of girls on social media, so the fact that I have some flaws makes me feel like I'm unattractive to everyone.
Do guys mind if a girl has a little fat?
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