Was this normal boyfriend behavior?

We dated last year. He would get extremely annoyed/angry if I made repetitive sounds. He wouldn't want me to talk about anything that had to do with college because it reminded him I would be going away. He would get angrier than normal if I made the wrong turn at a stop light. He would get extremely upset if I left him alone with my mom for more than a minute. He would say bad things about my parents. He would coerce me or physically force me to do things in bed, even when I said no and even if I was in the midst of a panic attack. He would hurt himself in front of me. He would turn my phone around so he wouldn't have to see the case I had with my college's name on it. He would scold me like a child if I made a minor mistake. He would force me to eat food and then he would want to touch my stomach even though I would physically resist. He would always change our plans last minute. He would repeatedly talk about his ex and things that she did. He would get upset if I didn't change in front of him. He would tell me that he would be disappointed if I started exercising. Is all of this normal? I've been feeling sort of traumatized by all of these memories I have with him...
Was this normal boyfriend behavior?
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