Guys, She won’t let me see the baby lol?

Ok, 3 winters ago. I met this girl who was visiting from Europe. She has family living here in the states. Anyway, we had fun. Sex was good but she lied to me about being on birth control. She showed me the pills but later down the road I realized that the pills were a dud.

She went back to Europe and gave birth to a baby. I’m 100% sure the kid is mine lol. I seen her current boyfriend, doesn’t look like it’s his. She will message me from time to time, but when I mention something about the kid, I get left on read and no responses. If I go a week without logging on or messaging back, she’ll call me from an international number to see if I’m okay.

We met again about 4 weeks ago. We stayed at a hotel, I didn’t even think about her boyfriend but yes we had sex again. The topic of “us” or the baby didn’t come to the table, our meeting was short since I had to drop her at the airport.

Fast forward today, she still refuses to tell me anything about the kid. She always sends me gifts and things for my bday. But yeah, I don't know what to do, I think I’ll just give up.
Guys, She won’t let me see the baby lol?
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