Where Do I Go From Here?

I met a guy recently and we really hit it off. Chemistry is off the charts. We’ve talked nonstop for a couple of weeks. He always initiated conversation and made it clear he was interested in me. Then he was in an accident with significant injuries. He continued to talk to me after but then began pulling back about two days ago. I reached out and he ended things, claiming that he can’t keep this up at the moment. He was polite and says it has nothing to do with me but he thinks it would be better if he contacts me later on once he has things figured out. I’m heartbroken but calmly said I understood but if he had merely lost interest I would like to know that. He claimed he has not, but just feels this situation is unfair to me. What do I do now? I want to support him through this but I also want to respect his decision and his need for space. Does it seem like he may be back? Or is this just an excuse? Do I just wait for him to contact me? Help!
Where Do I Go From Here?
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