Does my guy friend like me?

I'm confused as to why he has been bold enough to flirt all these times, but yet isn't asking me to be his girlfriend?

so I like my guy friend and we've hung out many times alone now. to me, they've felt like unofficial dates. and he's always been touchy (standing close, putting his hand on mine, grabbing my arm, etc)-- he's not touchy during the whole duration of the day, but random moments here and there. Last time we watched a movie, and he got a little bolder and put his arm around me for a few minutes.

Now here's the thing. he's never dated before (I believe). I talked to his guy friends and they said that he isn't really actively looking for anyone right now. if it happens then he may go with it, but he's not gonna approach a pretty girl off the street is what the friend told me. AND he said that this guy I like is quite confident and not afraid to speak his mind (although I've seen shy moments of him when we are alone here and there... but I don't know)

So, what's going on here? is he trying to ask me out or is waiting for me to say something? bc we hang out for like 7 hours each time. and it's always an afternoon activity, followed by going to his his to eat and then watch a movie. then he drops me off. what's going through his mind you guys?
Does my guy friend like me?
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