Can a bachelor at work like an older, married female boss with kids?

I have been texting with this guy at work who is 8 years younger than me. We started when I found out he was good at analysing stock markets and I asked him to teach me how to trade. That was 6 mths ago. We have been texting each other everyday since, and it’s not just to talk about trading. He has invited me out - he calls it “hanging out” and we do enjoy the times when we did that. We were like young dating teenagers - eating ice cream at the mall, going touristy places (because he is a foreigner in my country), and I brought him to the places that I grew up in and told him about my childhood. We spoke about anything under the sun, but a few times he asked about my relationship status. He knew I am married with kids but didn’t see me wearing my wedding band and asked me why. I explained that I am married for 18 years and is going through some rough patches but I never go into details. . He is very perceptive though. He seems to read my mind very accurately. There was once we went for a late dinner after another late night at work and we started talking about personalities. He analysed me next to the T. I was totally blushing I could feel it, and said to him “I feel so totally naked in front of you”. He didn’t finch one bit, and stared at me while saying “I do that only to people I care a lot for.” We continued hanging out over the weekends and texting everyday even though we see each other at work too. He doesn’t report to me but we have a common project that we work together on. Other colleagues are not saying much but his boss, who is my peer, said he seem to be very enthusiastic about the project we were working on. Then the pandemic started. He had to fly back home to take care of his sister who is a health worker. I sent him to the airport and we hugged twice, it’s like we didn’t want to leave each. We still text everyday but he is in a different time zone so we speak only at night mostly. What is going on with this guy? Does he like me?
Can a bachelor at work like an older, married female boss with kids?
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