My boyfriend follows a sh! t-ton of hot IG models?

I try not to let it bother me, I know i’m a beautiful girl but sometimes I feel insecure and I’m like wow, why are you even with me if you so desire girls who look like that? 😂 I literally asked him that one time. Sometimes it feels like he shows more attention to these girls who don’t even know him instead of me just because of how good they look. Not only do he like all of their photos but he sends them to his friends like “brooo check this out”. It’s a weird dynamic, because I am aware other girls are pretty. The second I mention another guy being attractive, the few times I do, he gets in his feelings. Also, he don’t want me posting any photos like the ones from the girls he be liking. How you wanna see other girls like that except your own?😂 I guess I’m just asking for thoughts and advice on how I can not allow it to make me feel insecure. I’ve brought it up in the past and it became an argument, like “I've been following them forever if I gotta unfollow them all you gotta unfollow all of them guys” smh
1 y
Y’all I only followed about 4 of them based on how they looked, while he follows literal thousands of girls based on how they look😂
My boyfriend follows a sh! t-ton of hot IG models?
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