What should I do about this professor?

I was on zoom for my French class and everyone hates the professor because he gives us a **** load of work ( yes I know i’m in college ) but it’s almost unbearable especially considering the fact that we have other classes. Everyone in my class always complains in the group chat about it and him

He isn’t mean but he definitely isn’t anyone’s favorite and he would always tease me when we were first in class and now that we’re online he’ll call on me a lot even when I don’t know the answer. Today he called on me for the 100th time in that one class period and I asked him what something meant because we were speaking French and he made a whole scene and was like “I wish I could come through the screen and slap you”. I’m an emotional person so this made me cry lol and on top of that I have anger issues so I was about to say something smart. I sent an email to him saying how I felt disrespected and that I didn’t like his comment. It’s been a week and he still hasn’t answered my email and hasn’t apologized to me or anything. We’ve had two classes since then and he is a little bit nicer but is still overall mouthy. He is not in any way, shape, or form attractive which makes me even more mad for some reason that he thinks he can treat me like this lol ( I know that dosent matter ) what should I do about this professor? Should I be rude back? I still feel disrespected
What should I do about this professor?
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