Will he come back?

Me nd my ex broke up for 3 months now. it was his decision to break. things off because our relation was on and off nd we used to argue a lot in our one year relationship. After breakup he was carrying resentment towards me. he used to lash out to me tjoughnothing was my fault infact fault was his own but he is too egostic to look at his own. a moth after breakuo he continued reaching out to me nd would lash out or even told me that he is dating new I think to make me jealous but not sure. this lr8cess went on fir 2 months I never reached out first but he would stalk me would watch my WhatsApp statuses. nd then out of nowhere would start fight. so I decided to do no contact nd I did it for 45 days. in all those 45 days he was stalking me n reached out to me on day 22nd. i finally replied him on day 47 when he innocently texted hi after watching my wtsapp status. in this way he started conversation news asking about how my life is going on. am. i dating another man or hows my boyfriend blah blah. fir 2 days he was talking very strangely like he was asking me do I still love him or miss or not. i didn't reply clearly as I just gave him hints that I do. nd on 3rd day he suddenly started talking sgain about all those past things which made our relation fail nd was lashing out again nd even told me he has another woman who protected him from breakup pain. mow its 20 days since we talked. i dont know what's going on. is it over now? all this time he was the one who reached out to me but now after last time he still views my whatsapp stories but dint message me. is it over now or has he moved on? what should I do. is there any chance to get him back
Will he come back?
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