Taking one for the team?

My soon to be ex boyfriend called me to tell me he was coming to see me and to bring my sister because his friend and my sister expressed mutual interest. The moment I told him she wasn't available he suddenly wasn't sure if he could come see me. I told him I'm making plans so lmk. IoI felt as if he was that dodging a bullet with me because my sis wasn't available. Like he was doing his friend a favor by hanging with me. Later on hehhe first felt the need to tell me his friend was no longer around and apologized.. for what exactly he didn't say, but he said sorry.
I'm curious why he would feel the need to tell me his friend isn't around and why would he dub me like that. It's never happened before. Been together for more than a year now. I acted normal because I'd rather have a face to face discussion before I decide to cut him off. Some advice guys.
Taking one for the team?
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