What does he want?

So recently my bff's ex-bf followed me on insta and slid into my dms. I told her about it but she said it was probably nothing and just see what he wants. Anyway, I told him I wasn't interested in dating him and he said he wasn't looking for a relationship either. We have hung out twice and he is always texting me asking me to hang out. I have ignored his last 3 messages because this situation is weird and I want him to get the hint and stop bothering me. I am very shy and quiet and it takes me a while to get comfortable and open up around new people. I never had a convo w/him or third-wheeled when he was dating my friend, so we don't know each other well. Even though I am shy, quiet, and awkward he still wants to hang out with me. I just find it strange that he wants to spend so much time with me. I would appreciate any thoughts, advice, insight, etc.
What does he want?
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