My ex says he doesn't love me anymore but is still very touchy feely with me, thoughts?

Me and my ex have been together for a long time (3 years) weve broken up a couple times before because of other issues we couldn't seem to control (family). but through it all he always said he still loved me and we usually ended up getting back together the next day.

Its been rough because of the pandemic and both of us having our own issues. 2 days ago out of the blue my ex said he was breaking up with me and this time the reason was he just didn't love me anymore. I've never really seen him cry throughout our whole relationship (he's not much of a crier) but he was bawling his eyes out. This was a shock because i never felt him falling out of love with me

I accepted it and we agreed to stay friends. yesterday we went out together as friends for almost the whole day. he held my hand through most of it and we were both very touchy feely, lots of tight hugging, caressing and stuff but no actual kissing although it felt like we almost could have. (he's also not the kind of guy to ever do any pda, usually at most we hold hands until were alone because he really doesn't like it.) Later on that day when we got home i told him i loved him and i think he still loves me but he said he didn't.

Although we are both a bit older (27) he has never been in a relationship before or even been interested in anyone before. while he was breaking up with me he says this is his first relationship so he has no idea if things are supposed to feel this way. That he doesn't know why he feels how he does and needs to think about it. I know he says he doesn't but my gut instinct tells me he does. I think we've just had a difficult time where things haven't felt normal and maybe he translated that feeling as not loving me?

My question is to everyone but i mostly want a guys insight: If my ex is not usually a pda kind of person but he was touchy feely with me when we went out 2 days after he broke up with me, does this means he still loves me? he says he doesn't but i am confused, thoughts?
My ex says he doesn't love me anymore but is still very touchy feely with me, thoughts?
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