Is it creepy to look at advice from girls on the internet?

I've always been bad at dealing with girls and flirting. I look up some advice for flirting online and ask friends irl. Some stuff works, some stuff doesn't. But then something clicked in my head. What if I looked up "How to attract the boy I like"? After looking that up, female flirting tactics and secrets were seen by me. I remember not being able to catch onto girl hints and flirting signs, and now it's like I know ancient secrets about girls. Then I looked up the following:
"How to make the boy you like jealous?"
"How to spot a fuckboy?"
"How to boost my feminine confidence?"
"How to have the best relationship with a man?"
"How to keep the boy you like interested?"
"How to make a boy chase you?"
"How to be single and happy?"

It opened up so many strategies and tactics that girls use on me and each other. I was never able to understand them. Now, I know when a girl is trying to make me jealous of her, if she's reading me, if she wants me to chase, if she's being mysterious, if she's testing me, and when her ego is skyrocketing. I don't want to be too much on the girls advice because it seems creepy now that im doing this. Am i weird?
Is it creepy to look at advice from girls on the internet?
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