Ex looked at my insta story, am I looking too much into it?

Just as reference, we ended our 1 1/2 year relationship in late June. More like he broke up with me because he had been flirting with some girl that lived in another city. He met up with her less than a week after the breakup & dated her a week later. He met up with me (I didn’t know he’d been dating the other girl already) and basically he cheated on her too. When I found out they were together, I told him to tell her & it went pretty bad & he decided he wanted to block me. I kinda decided to lay off social media by deactivating my insta, facebook, deleting snap, etc.. I did however decide to keep an old insta account just to post whatever I wanted & to just look at stuff I like. Nobody follows me & I don’t follow anybody either. The username is my D&D character’s name tho & there’s selfies and things that if you know me, you could tell it’s my account for sure. He blocked me from his main account, but he randomly checks up on me with his finsta/his two other car accounts. It’s weird because he just looks for me, watches my story & leaves at LEAST once a week. Honestly, it makes me kinda sad. I know I can just block him, but I just want to know what it could mean. Like why would he just do that if he’s the one that pushed me away?
1 y
I guess the real question is why would he/why do people tend to do that?
Like does he feel bad?
Is it because he’s just curious?
Is he comparing his new relationship w the one we had?
Is he just trying to see if I’m miserable w/o him?

He left me. I don’t understand why he’d kinda come back just to check up on my life.

so many questions 😔 lmao
Ex looked at my insta story, am I looking too much into it?
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