Why are middle age men on G@G curious about my sex life?

Im so fed up. Ever since i mentioned i have a boyfriend on here. I get men asking me if im a virgin still and if im choosing to have stay that way till marriage, like there my mum or something.

I personally feel really uncomfortable answering questions like that and see it as really inappropriate for men in their 30s and over to be asking a 16 year old that question. Even if i wasn't 16, it's still none of their business.

Even when i tell them that i feel uncomfortable they try and still get the question out of me and make out like it's no big deal. It is no big deal but its still a pretty strange question to ask a girl half your age.

And some even have the cheek to tell me i should wait till marriage. Weather i have or not. Its not there choice to make, they don't even know me. So therefore i feel like they shouldn't have a opinion on what i do in my life and be so insistent on it and start bringing up religion and politics like im a 16 year old girl who pays attention to what American Bible basher, with no education thinks no. Keep your beliefs to yourself and don't push them on others.

It not even like I ever talk about sex on here so i don't see why them asking me stuff like that should be relevant.
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Why is it when you say men on this site. Men assume im talking about them directly and their entire gender. I actually doubt they do believe im talking about directly and just looking for something to complain about. Feel like if i don't put "some men" everytime i refer to males ill get some kind of shit. 🙄
Why are middle age men on G@G curious about my sex life?
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