In your opinion does he like me, or is he playing?

So about a week or so ago, we were strangers who followed each other on instagram and became facebook friends. (We live in the same city)

He likes all my pics as soon as I post them, and I do the same for his pics. He watches all my stories quickly after I post them (and I post a lot of them.) He sends me messages in my DM's ending in 'xx' and sort of baits me with messages about how I wouldn't want him messaging me, when he knows I'm into him- he just wants me to say I like talking to him and stuff and make it obvious I like him.

He said I'm really good looking and asks questions about my life. He also says he thinks lots of guys would be DM'ing me, because he thinks I'm so attractive. He says he's grown fond of my funny memes/every day life posts on my story. He also relates to my music taste and sends a lot of emojis. But he hasn't asked me out yet? Do you think he likes me back and will ask me out?
In your opinion does he like me, or is he playing?
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