Some one please help over thinker here?

Here the story well short story we grew up together when we was younger I was chunky girl got bullied he showed interest but sexually we was little pre teens but he didn't do it again after fee days we just became friends and gotten closer over the years a while back I confidently had a chat with him told him how over the years my feelings grew for him his response was he is my brother bestfriend he dont like me like that I can look like beyonce he would NOT even fuck me he is my brother bestfriend and he is like his bro I accept it and in processes of just moving on after that he makes more physical contact with me he would hug me be more nice like if I didn't have a drink he offered me some of his we talk about more personal stuff even when its sexual it like a normal convo with us you get my point? I think we just came closer but he met some of my friends and 1 tells me he likes me he looks at me a lot she so sure he does lmfaoo then my other homegirl starting spitting game tryna get us hook up ( by the way were adults now we 20) and she was like ight so you brother bestfriend let him get with my girl my brother was just laughing and my crush and her was going back and forth for a will and she said if he had permission to talk to me would he his response was yes I was left speechless like my boy do he like me but won't admit or he dont like me he just I don't know I over thought this what do y'all think?
Some one please help over thinker here?
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