Why can’t I get the one guy I want?

One of my good friends. He has great abs, good muscle definition, handsome face and strong jaw, fluffy hair, hands are big, he is 6 foot.

He doesn’t seem to be super interested? He jokes around about how my body looks good, and the other day he grabbed on my inner thigh when he was joking about how I’m thick asf. But otherwise he hasn’t tried coming on to me or shown much interest.

Is there any possible way he is interested in me?
1 y
Update: I confronted him about how I’m interested in being with him. He said he would like to go on a few dates before we decide to have a relationship... but he said he’s been wanting to fuck me for so long. He said he wants me to come to his house after he gets off work and have ‘fun’ tonight. He told me how he masturbated to me last night
Why can’t I get the one guy I want?
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