My boss asked me do I smoke weed?

I work as an Accountant for a small startup company and I have been there two months. I am literally on my own there with the only finance degree, so I can’t ask for assistance when needed. Not to mention, I am doing this job with social anxiety which is way out of my comfort zone ( I have not told anyone that).

After a slow start, I thought I was doing well until he called me into this office Today and he was like “ Shut the door. Can I ask you a personal question? Do you smoke weed, ganja? And I was like “not at all”. I was shocked because I genuinely thought I was doing well and I thought that question was kinda rude since I’m at a big disadvantage with this anxiety I have. I wish he would understand how much it takes for me to go in there with such responsibility every single day. However, he wouldn’t understand, he just thinks I’m this quiet, probably arrogant guy.

Anyways, what he has said has ruined my confidence and I’m starting to feel that’s what everyone at my workplace thinks! I’m this guy who smokes weed. I feel angry at him and myself. The reason why he asked that is because he think it’s affecting my attention to detail when it’s not. There is so much to learn - I am overwhelmed with information. Also, no one taught me what he wanted me to know. No one taught me! I told him that and he still called me into his office...

Way to demotivate an employee...

This is more of a rant rather than a question, but I would appreciate any encouraging responses.
My boss asked me do I smoke weed?
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