Can someone explain this guy to me, please?

We're good friends for few years now. We're both married and we never "just hang" together. We do have same interest that connested us and when we meet, we meet at his house where his wife, kids or his parents are all the time and we're never alone. When we sometimes are just him and I, we're in public places.
We text almost every day: jokes, funny stuff, to arrange to meet for the thing we do together as I said before.
He is very busy last month or so doing 2 jobs and a lot of other things around the house so I don't want to be boring and I don't text him every day. If I don't text 2-3 days he asks why I don't text, is everything ok, am I mad at him, do I hate him. And if I do text he usually leaves me on read (over nothing important). I said that I don't text because I don't like being left on read and he said life is going crazy on him and sent me a video of a mess he has to resolve at home.
Why does he want me to text him jet doesn't text back?
1 y
misspelled: yet doesn't text :)
Can someone explain this guy to me, please?
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