Tried leaving him but he guilt tripped me?

I tried to leave this guy I am exclusive with because he has been letting me down last min on plans and that he forgot we was meeting up. So I told him it was over and I am moving on as I am fed up as it’s not been once or twice that he’s let me down it’s been more than that. He goes he has not been feeling well and went for a covid test But didn’t want to tell me. I do genuinely think it is guilt tripping because he said he had the symptoms on Friday and then he goes to me he does not think he has it he only did it for work. Then I said to him do I have it as I have been in physical contact with him and he’s like how can you have it if I don’t think I have it but he told me had the symptoms? Because he told me all of this today and then Yesterday when I was speaking to him he was like tell me a day we can meet any time I will be there and I still said no. And then he comes out with this. Like I’m not sure if he’s lying or telling the truth anyways I did say to him I am sticking by what I said and for him just to keep me updated with the results.

what do you make out of this?
Tried leaving him but he guilt tripped me?
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