Is he love bombing me?

Is he love bombing me?
I have been in an abusive relationship with a guy with narcissistic personality disorder and I overthink sometimes . I have been in therapy.

I have been seeing this guy, Is he love bombing me or this is normal:

- Met through and with a friend 4-6 months ago. He is recently divorced and had a baby. We are just friends.

- Sometimes he message, but nothing and we didn’t see each other for a while. Then one month ago we went out with our friend, nothing happend. Then we did it again and we ended up hooking up. He made it clear he wasn’t looking for something more because he was looking to get back on his feet and have time for his kids.

- Sometimes he texts weekend to hear what I do. We have been driving around town late night talking, been out together, gone for walk, and have once been with him for one of his jobs (a delivering job).

- He got a new apartment, he didn’t have a place to stay until, so I booked a room for him where I live for 3 days, he paid it. Came to see him there sometimes and brought him food. He doesn’t ask for anything, and doesn’t call or just come to me and he knows i have my kid and they can’t meet now, so he doesn’t interfere.

- he over compliments my cooking and says not all girls cook like I do from scratch, he says I am an angel for helping him, he says I am so beautiful, so sexy and that I have a perfect body, he says I am such a good kisser, amazing in bed, he thanks me all the time for what I am doing for him, and thanks me for spending time with him and keeping him company. He calls me a queen so he does the dishes, tells me I am so strong as a single mom and in law school. He said his problem before was he is too confident. very cuddly. Reminds me of my ex.

- Doesn’t say anything about being serious, I remember what he said in the beginning but now I feel he is in it, talking about where he wants to take me, wanna go to the movie, asking if i could go if he invited me to travel, etc.
Is he love bombing me?
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