To be blunt or lay it out as gently as possible?

In short, this guy I was seeing almost 2 years ago chose to be with someone else who lived closer to him. Over the last year and some change he has reached out but nothing came of it. Until this September when I had to ask why he wanted to talk to me when he chose to leave. He said he just really missed me and how unhappy he is with his toxic girlfriend. I am no ones back up plan and I refuse to be used to anyone’s benefit. I know he will reach out again but I have to get the point across that I don’t need him in my life. I may want him back yes but need, absolutely not. And that he really only has two options, it’s either me or her. If he wants me back as a friend he needs to cut the bs. Is that something that needs to be straight to the point or something eased into? I’m not afraid to lose him again, but I’m willing to give him the choice for the slight chance that he’s being serious.
To be blunt or lay it out as gently as possible?
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